Perfect Fire

A 89-facet diamond has table proportion between 55% and 60%, total depth proportion between 65% and 72, crown proportion between 2% and 14%, pavilion proportion between 49% and 51%, girdle proportion between 2% and 6.5% and appropriate culet proportion and crown angle proportion, which form unique fire.

Viewed from above, the edge of the diamond is octagonal; the table manifests an optical phenomenon of double-eight-pointed star overlapping, resulted from the refraction of the upper main facet and the lower main facet. HRD has remarked: the Blue Flame cut diamond has noble and elegant shape, using optical and physical theories more reasonably to optimize the proportion of angles and symmetry of the edges to enable the diamond to perfectly release light shooting in from various angles.

On January 29, 2009, the birth of 89-facet Blue Flame cut diamond has started a new chapter in the history of cutting diamonds. This revolutionary breakthrough in cutting diamonds is a masterpiece contributed by the diamond cutters of Antwerp, Belgium to the world.

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